About Us

We Have One Goal

Who we are

Sayphocy Maintenance and Services Pty Ltd is an operating company that is in the manufacturing and production of the brand 3P’s Atchar. in Rustenburg, North West Province. The company’s business mission is to manufacturer a unique Atchar brand that is to loved by various customers around the country. The business is operating with a number of distribution sites around Rustenburg, and is consistently growing with increasing demand and number of supply contracts. There are standing plans to source finance for growth expansion expenditures and acquisition of necessary equipment and assets to service a larger market share in North West. The business is the brainchild of Mr and Mrs Chauke, local SMME entrepreneurs from a previously disadvantaged background, as to BBBEE evaluations. Thy are the company’s directors as well.


Our vision is to be a huge commercial and professional Atchar producing supplier in Southern Africa at large.

Our Mission

To provide most loved Atchar taste and flavours, that satisfies customers’ tastes, while ultimately helping to improve their nutritional health as well. The customer must enjoy the delicacy of our Atchar flavours.

Purpose Statement

We are committed to achieving a professional way of doing business that sets market behavioral standards. We are focused to be market leaders who will forever establish a track record of industry excellence.

Our Values

  • Excellence – We shall endeavour to provide best services and products ever seen.
  • Commitment and Passion – Our efforts shall buy customer loyalties.
  • Honesty and Integrity – We need to create not only loyal, honest and trust, but dependable personnel that will be trusted by our customers.
  • Nutrition and Health – We are committed to customers’ health, as we supply them with delicious Atchar food stuff.
  • Customer Oriented Approach – We shall remain focused to the critical needs of our clients.
  • Discipline and Accountability – We shall be responsible to our customers and trade partners.
  • Innovative Spirit – We shall be as much Innovative and creative as we can to meet excellent standards.